The Owner/Designer

Blessed with the creative talent, Ella grew up knowing exactly what she wanted to be in the future: a designer. Yet, it was not until a year after she had completed her bachelor’s degree in Product Design in Malaysia, that she was by chance introduced to the world of cake decorating. It was a world completely foreign to her but she quickly fell in love and determined to master the art of cake crafting. She soon began taking a couple of basic classes in a local cake store at her hometown, Jakarta (Indonesia). After being equipped with some basic knowledge, she taught herself further skills on cake decorating from books and the internet. Before she knew it, she was flooded with cake orders from friends and family. Everyone just loved her delicate touches and elegant creations.

In 2010, Ella got married and moved to Los Angeles, California and she carried on her journey to create more remarkable and exquisite cakes. Since then, she has produced many memorable new cakes, has been awarded in competitions, made appearances in national tv, featured in international cake magazines, and collaborated with other sugar artists from around the world presenting their astounding artistry.

Her works has been featured on Cake Masters Magazine,, Magnolia Rouge, Geraldine Magazine, LA18 Channel and among many others.


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